RDV012…. finally it’s there! [Bo & Slimonosaures]

It’s been a long time, and we certainly missed you. That being said, we thought we’d makeit up by the pairing of Bo & Slimonosaures, two celebrated French ambient glitch producers, complemented by a bouncy side-dish in the form of a dancefloor friendly Falko Brocksieper remix.

Bo & Slimonosaures have established themselves as masters of microscopic sounds, the sort of sine wave/white noise-based music central to the glitch aesthetic – or at least the ambient side of the style. So when the two announced to team up for a new Redevice release, our anticipation mounted quickly. The results of their work are composed of primarily high-frequency click- and beep-like melodies juxtaposed by dubby percussion and bass. Only seldom do collaborations such as this better the work of the individual producers, but in this case Bo & Slimonosaures do so, resulting in one of the best EP’s Redevice has released to this date.

Falko Brocksieper is considered a master of small gestures with big impact. His subtle remix of ‘Explorations Acte 1′ showcases yet another example of Brocksieper’s ability to keep the crowd lost in the groove.

Lets’s put it like this: all in all it’s a must-have, straight from Redevice to your heart.

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