Redevice invites… Nachtschade 18-10-2012

Most of you know that Redevice stands for underground and uncompromising music, but there’s more: during Amsterdam Dance Event Redevice showcases a glimpse in to the future of clubbing. Redevice invites…Nachtschade. Nachtschade is a concept in which electronic music meets audiovisual storytelling; an audiovisual laboratory with the freedom to research and experiment. Exploring boundaries, Nachtschade aims to merge the audio and visual dimension. Nachtschade considers its work a continuing process, rather than an end product. Improvising live on stage, they transform physical movement into sound, combining electro acoustic installations and analogue syntheses. Expect experimental (visual) soundscapes, ambient, (dub) techno and a rocking dance floor.

The incredible thing about this impressive project is not only the endresult you’ll be seeing, but also the way in which video, light, sound and physical objects are in-synch with each-other without restricting the intuition of the musicians. Not only will you be able to hear the music the performers make, but you’ll also see your surroundings change with it, creating a mindblowing experience for the senses. Nachtschade consists of visuals and light by artist Manuel Rodrigues in collaboration with musicians Robin Kampschoer and Jilt van Moorst. Because this is the maiden voyage of the concept they additionally invited special guest Tiago Frois, a Portugese artist who is a master in audiovisual sculpturing. And finally, to bring things well into the night, DJ support will come from Frodo, Pep and Frank Haag. Don’t miss out!

Redevice invites… Nachtschade
(supported by Tiago Frois, Frank Haag, Frodo, Pep)

Thursday 18th of Oktober

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5 euro’s only at the door!


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