RDV015… It’s here!! “Sessions EP” by RMFK

RDV015 - RMFK Sessions EP ArtworkWe at Redevice have always wanted to release some of Robin Kampschoers awesome music. And we know that he, aside from his crowd rocking techno, makes incredible good ambient and dub techno. And if it is weird and perky, we like it.

Robin decided to share his ambient and dub techno under a new moniker. As RMFK he was more than happy to donate some of his awesome music to us. And we at Redevice want to spread this through the worldwideweb, directly into your sound system. RMFK did not only give us a couple of tracks: he gave us a full seven track EP and titled it the ‘Sessions EP’. Seven tracks that should be listened as if watching a movie. It isn’t about the individual tracks. It’s about the narrative tale that is told by the composition of all tracks combined. So make sure to download the full album and just let yourself get float away on the beautiful soundscapes that RMFK whispers in your ear.

Be warned: if you play this EP really loud, you could also be overcome with a tinkly feeling in the stomach. That feeling that tells you to start dancing, right away. To add a little bit extra of that tinkly feeling we asked Brendon Moeller to do a remix on one of the tracks. And as you know Brendon has ‘the Force’. So he didn’t just made one remix, he did two!! One as his alter ego Echologist and one as Brendon Moeller. 

Combine all of this together and you’ll get a mind boggling release… A release of which we at Redevice Recordings are very, very proud. And yup folks, it’s still for free…


Album Preview

Video of “session 2″ made by Bo Nopac

Redevice invites… ESHU


ESHU is back, back where they belong: in the shadows and dust of industrial Cruquiusgilde Warehouse in eastern Amsterdam.
The ESHU collective (Roger Gerressen, Jocelyn Abell, Ivano Tetelepta and Daan Anders) are true masters of their craft, creating a fat, grinding and ongoing techno sound that leaves you unable to resist dancing all night long. For this edition a couple of affiliated ESHU artists were asked tostrengthen this line-up to the fullest: Ben Buitendijk, Yasin Engwer and J&L.

Relentless underground artists, a small crowd of music freaks, a sound-system to blow your socks off, plus a last man standing policy.

Sure, you don’t wanna miss this, so make it snappy – only 200 tickets to be sold!


Redevice invite ESHU (& support by Yasin Engwer, Ben Buitendijk and J&L)


Saturday the 8th of March 2014


Cruquiusgilde Warehouse Amsterdam (click attend on Facebook)


Tickets: 10.-/ door 14.-

PRESALE -> get ‘m HERE