Redevice invites… ESHU


ESHU is back, back where they belong: in the shadows and dust of industrial Cruquiusgilde Warehouse in eastern Amsterdam.
The ESHU collective (Roger Gerressen, Jocelyn Abell, Ivano Tetelepta and Daan Anders) are true masters of their craft, creating a fat, grinding and ongoing techno sound that leaves you unable to resist dancing all night long. For this edition a couple of affiliated ESHU artists were asked tostrengthen this line-up to the fullest: Ben Buitendijk, Yasin Engwer and J&L.

Relentless underground artists, a small crowd of music freaks, a sound-system to blow your socks off, plus a last man standing policy.

Sure, you don’t wanna miss this, so make it snappy – only 200 tickets to be sold!


Redevice invite ESHU (& support by Yasin Engwer, Ben Buitendijk and J&L)


Saturday the 8th of March 2014


Cruquiusgilde Warehouse Amsterdam (click attend on Facebook)


Tickets: 10.-/ door 14.-

PRESALE -> get ‘m HERE